Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tree Houses

 I love tree houses. More than that, I love the very idea of tree houses.

When I was 14 years old my family moved to a pony ranch near Smyrna, Tennessee. Our lot was 3.5 acres, bordering Rocky Fork Creek at its bottom side. We soon acquired two more acres on the other side of  the Creek.

With lumber from the dump at nearby Sewart Air Force base, I built the tree house above. It stood on the banks of the creek; the floor at the front was about eight feet high, and at the back was a good fifteen feet above the creek.

My engineering left a lot to be desired. I found four trees that made a rough rectangle and nailed boards to them; upon those boards I built a floor and walls. There was no roof, or at least not much of one, for I ran out of lumber. Entry was via ladders.

Despite its inept design, the tree house stood for many years. I loved to spend time there.

We have a couple of tree houses here in Pine Lake. Click below to see them.

This one, I suppose, isn't technically a tree house, as it isn't affixed to a tree, but it fits the spirit of the law, if not the letter. I love its rustic look.

This tree house is more upscale-- but I imagine there's not much room inside, what with the two-foot-wide trunk in the center. Still, it's way cool.

Both tree houses are on Spruce; look to your left after you pass Park Drive. You'll see them amidst the vegetation.


Sage said...

Dallas, I love tree houses also and the idea of tree houses. I never had one as a child and I've picked places to live that have a tree-house feel.

Sage McCarey

At the moment I'm looking for a house in Pine Lake; almost bought there four years ago and am looking again. A friend who used to live there and still gets the newsletter says there are wild dogs and rabid raccoons running around. Can you tell me anything about that?
Thanks for the tree houses.

Dallas said...

I'm more surprised there are chickens in Pine Lake than by the dogs and raccoons.

The have been a number of reports of a raccoon out in daylight and acting strangely; in fact, it was observed fighting with a possum which seemed to be getting the better of it. Raccoons are ordinarily crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk) and nocturnal, so it's indeed strange behavior, so perhaps the raccoon is rabid. Rabies is known in raccoons, which live all around the county, and not just in Pine Lake.

The dogs are a greater concern. There are several. They don't seem particularly interested in people, but are lethal to cats and other animals. They have killed cats and chickens recently. We have a similar problem a year ago and Dekalb Animal Control just wasn't up to the task. Our police officers have been trained to deal with them, although it's not clear if they've actually finished the training.

The dogs want shooting; unfortunately it's illegal to shoot them.

The dogs have been near my house, and the raccoon, too, but I've seen neither, even though I've been outside a lot. Both warrant some concern, but the raccoon will soon be gone and hopefully so will the dogs. It's the same sort of problems any neighborhood in Dekalb has from time to time. I shouldn't worry if I were you.

annette cotter said...

About tree houses, our club once made fudge up in our tree house. Burner made with coiled up corrugated cardboard soaked in wax..members brought pan, sugar, cocoa, butter, etc. About animals, Kim Fugate has a veritable FARM behind her house on poplar. Goats, Chickens, dogs, cats, a greenhouse. You oughta go see and do a post on it. It's all legal, and much fun.

Dallas Denny said...

Annette, how much waxed cardboard did you have to burn to get the brownies done?

Oh, thanks for the pointer on Kim's menagerie. Yes, I should do a post on it.

Did I tell you I have a slightly illegal kangaroo in my house?

Just kidding.

Shelby said...

Hey Dallas,
My name is Shelby and I live on Hemlock. I just moved in with my partner Kim a couple months ago, and came across your blog. I've really enjoyed it!

I'm concerned about the dogs mentioned in this post, as we have a dog we like to walk around the neighborhood. Is there still a problem?