Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lake House for Sale

In a couple of weeks my house at 522 Pine Drive in Pine Lake will be going up for sale.

It was built in 1936 and was expanded several times over the years. It sits on its original 20' x 100' lot. It is feet from the beach at the lake and the beach house. I can walk to the beach in thirty seconds!

I bought the house in 1998 and have lived in it since.  I love the house and is killing me to give it up, but necessity dictates.

I chose the house because of its charm, its proximity to the lake, its features, and its price. I also liked its solidity and reworked subfloors, plumbing and electrics.

I like its big rooms, open design, and roomy country kitchen. I lovingly renovated it, adding a large gazebo, back deck/landing, and fencing. Inside, I added a dishwasher, a lazy susan in a wasted cabinet in the kitchen, new appliances, and new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom and at the front door. I added a thousand other little touches.

The house is 1200 square feet in size. On the first floor is a living room, large kitchen with dining nook, bathroom, and a library/den. Upstairs there's a large room with a vaulted ceiling, a skylight, and large windows, and a large bedroom. I have the house set up as a single bedroom, but it could easily be converted to three bedrooms.

There's a large stone fireplace in the living room and a fireplace in the back room with gas logs.

I will be selling the house with a nearly new stove and refrigerator and washer and dryer.

When I bought the house I planned to install central heating and air, but it stays so warm in winter and so cool in the summer that I decided against it. I love the antique 73,000 BTU antique gas furnace, which I kept when the guy at the gas stove store told me the new stoves would be no cheaper to operate and would be a lot slower to heat the house when it was cold. A big 220 volt air conditioner at the top of the stairs keeps the house absolutely frigid. A 110-volt A/C unit in the dining nook serves as for backup cooling. I turn it on now and again to keep it working properly.

The house's immediate needs are flashing on the back side and a new roof for the stone lean-to tool shed at the back of the house. The roof is worn, but doesn't leak. The carpet is worn but serviceable, Otherwise the house is great. I have loved living in it and loved hearing people tell me how much they like it.

If you're interest in purchasing it, please let me know. The asking price is $85,000, going to increase a few thousand if I have to hire a realtor.