Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Preparing to Move

Before I left New York for Georgia I put word out on this blog and on the various Pine Lake lists that my house was for sale. By the time I arrived home a number of people had expressed an interest in it. The first couple that looked at it bought it. We expect to close on 15 January.

In the interim, I'm packing. Here's a stack of boxes in my office on the second floor. There are similar stacks in the living room, den, dining nook, and in my bedroom.

I favor the shown 1.5 cubic foot boxes. They're made of 100% recycled paper and cost $0.74 each at Home Depot. Loaded, they're light enough for me to move, and they stack readily.

Everything is not yet packed, but I'm around the bend and expect to be finished with packing by the end of the year. The last things to be prepped will be my waterbed (which breaks down nicely) and the vintage 1996 32" Sony Triniton CRT television in the living room. The TV is far too heavy to move and I have found a new home for it right here in Pine Lake. I bought it 18 years ago and it has never missed a beat, so I'm happy it won't wind up at Goodwill.

The waterbed mattress is due for replacement and will go in the trash. I'll order a new one. The bed itself breaks down. I love my waterbed. Twenty years ago I put a thermal cover on it and threw away the heater. The cover makes it look and feel like any mattress, and baffles in the mattress make it practically waveless. Best of all, there are twelve drawers in the pedestal.

I have an airbed which has never been out of the box for use after the waterbed is disassembled.