Monday, June 24, 2013

I.B. Melton's History of Pine Lake

The Melton House Before its Recent Renovation

Former Pine Lake mayor Ira B. Melton wrote the following history in 1998

In 1936 Carl Shaub from Trouble, Kentucky bought an 80-acre farm where Pine Lake stands now. He brought Roy Purvis down from Trouble, and they formed the Piney Woods Company. They subdivided the lots into 20 x 100 and sold them as recreational and summer home lots. It was called Pine Woods Subdivision. The lots were $39 to $79 each.
The lake is approximately 1.5 acres and was dug with a steam shovel and mules. They tried to pump water into it from Snapfinger Creek, but it wouldn't fill. A pipe was run 1800 feet from up the creek, but in a few days, it would stop up. An open flume was added and is still in place today.
Mr. Purvis, know to all as Chief, was in charge of the project. He remained Chief of Police until his death.
When Mrs. (Mary) Purvis, arrived, she was tempted to get back on the train and head back to Kentucky. She toughed it out and she and Chief lived in their house on Pine until their deaths. Mr. Schaub told Roy to build a house on Pine. When it was finished, he gave it to Roy and Mary.
Chief was a wonderful man who had complete control of the young people and teenagers. He chaperoned their teen club, ran the concession stand, and was respected by all.
Attorney Sams wrote up the the charter of development in 1935. Many of the by laws are the same as Decatur's.
Pine Lake is a private city. The city owns a one foot strip around the perimeter of the city. There is access only from the Rockbridge Road side.
Amenities were for members, residents and their guests.
When Mildred and I moved here in 1941, there were only 26 year round residents. Chief Purvis had the only telephone. There were two pumps in town, one at the clubhouse and one at Spring and Poplar. These were the only places to get water. 
Scott Candler, DeKalb commissioner, helped to get water, sewer, and paved roads
Mildred and I raised five children here and I still believe it is the best place in the world to raise a family. In 1948 we founded the Pine Lake Baptist Church and it became the spiritual center of the Lake.
The present mayor and council are the best and I commend them for the good job they are doing now. We now have over 300 houses, 800 people, and who knows how many dogs and cats.
Ira Bailey Melton Sr.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

No Cronuts for You! Yes, Cronuts for You!

A pastry invention called the cronut has taken Manhattan by storm and a world-wide frenzy seems eminent.

Invented and trademarked by baker Dominique Ansel, the cronut was first sold on May 10, 2013. Available only at Ansel's bakery, the cronut is a combination of that French pastry of perfection, the donut, and the American pastry of perfection, the croissant. I wrote that backwards. Did you catch it? No sleeping here! This is pastry science! PASTRY SCIENCE!

Ansel makes only 200 to 250 cronuts daily. Lines form hours before the bakery opens at 8 am. When the doors open the cronuts sell out quickly-- at five dollars apiece. Just getting one can be a traumatic experience, to which this great article by Alexander Abad-Santos attests.

Almost immediately scalpers were buying the maximum number (3) of cronuts and selling them outside the stores for forty of fifty dollars apiece. A jackleg cronut delivery service is now delivering them for $100 apiece or $1500 for ten (apparently they're not good at math at

The black market delivery site will soon be gone, which is why the link just above isn't hooked up, but you'll find a screenshot of their order page below the fold.

But wait! Did you know you can get an esoteric blend of the delectable donut and the captivating croissant less than a mile from your Pine Lake home?

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Pine Lake: A Bibliography

In the first years of this century I compiled a bibliography
of articles from the press about Pine Lake.
You'll find it below the fold.