Monday, June 8, 2015

Hogan's Grocery and Pine Lake Post Office

Tim Selby, who has lived in Atlanta for 20 years and had never heard about Pine Lake, chanced across this blog and sent me this great photo of Hogan's Grocery and the old post office building. It's from 1961. Since the post office is still standing, it's easy to tell exactly where Hogan's stood. I had always assumed the grocery was on the other side of Rockbridge Road.

I told Tim he should come visit the town some time. If you should see him and learn his name, please tell him hello and thank him for being so generous with his photograph.


Tim tells me

I believe the photo was taken by an urban planner as it was with a collection of other photos that were all taken of the commercial district in the Buckhead area mostly along Peachtree. There were a couple of maps from the City of Atlanta Planning Department dated 1960 that referenced where the photos were taken and many of the photographs were dated from 1960 and 1961. 
There were several that looked like they were taken in rural areas and I had always assumed that they were located farther out on Peachtree Rd.  I was recently looking at them with a magnifying glass and that is when I noticed the Pine Lake post office and looked for it on a map. Maybe the person who took the photo had a home at Pine Lake and was just finishing out the roll of film...or maybe Pine Lake was a planned community and would have been of interest to an urban planner?