Sunday, August 27, 2017

Happy Birthday, Calvin Burgamy!

Back in the early years of this century Calvin Burgamy and I were political allies during a difficult time for Pine Lake

On Friday the 18th, just before I left Pine Lake, I rode with Barbara Whitlow to Calvin's house on the back side of the lake. It was his birthday also-- and as it turned out, we were born not only on the same day, but in the same year! He recently retired from Agnes Scott College, so we now share retirement, too. I love being retired!

I was able to stay only for a short while, but happy belated birthday, Calvin.

I met Calvin's wife, whose name I was told and promptly forgot. So sorry! It's a lifelong memory problem. Maybe someone will remind me of her name in the comments.

I'll just bet is was she who made this outrageous and beautiful sculpture.

I'm not sure who rides the scooter.

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