Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dallas Denny Day

Me, Performing at the Pine Lake Lounge
In December, Eva Sotus (who lives in he house just behind mine) asked if I would come to the Pine Lake Lounge event and sing my Pine Lake song. I said yes, of course.

So I arrived at the beach house at 7:30 pm with my guitar, suspecting nothing.

My turn came and I sang the song, then, by request, repeated it with everyone singing along from lyric sheets that had been printed up by Christine Slocomb.

After playing a second song of my own devising, I left the stage. Next up was mayor Kathie deNobriga, who had earlier that day told me I would not be allowed to leave Pine Lake because I had not turned in the proper paperwork. I half-way believed her.

So, Kathie started reading a proclamation. First, of course, came the whereases:
WHEREAS, the City of Pine Lake has been blessed with many talented residents; and
WHEREAS, each of these individuals contribute toward making Pine Lake the special place we call home; and  
Okay, I thought. Where is this going?
WHEREAS, one of our long-term residents who has tirelessly contributed their time and talents to the benefit of the City; and
I was starting to smell a rat.
WHEREAS, the works of this citizen are demonstrated by the beautiful pictures taken and posted for all to enjoy; and 
 Yes, I said to myself. I smell trouble coming.
WHEREAS, this citizen has served as the City Historian for many years.
Oh, good. I don't recall being appointed historian. For a minute there I thought...

Then came the therefore:
Now, therefore, in honor of the many contributions made, I, Kathie deNobriga, Mayor of Pine Lake, proclaim December 14th, 2014, as "Dallas Denny Day" in Pine Lake.
Dag! It was me after all!

To say I was astonished and gratified would be an understatement. A day named after little old me?

To top things off, my next door neighbor Barbara Whitlow produced a lovely departure cake. It was delicious and I ate three pieces. I hoped no one noticed the guest of honor pigging out.

Afterward, with my guitar slung over my shoulder and a lovely greeting card signed by half the city, I floated home.. I went immediately upstairs and phoned my fiancee to tell her the 14th had been declared a holiday.

She was already amazed I had sold my house so easily. "Your social network is amazing!" she had said. "What do you think of my network now?" I asked smugly.

My thanks go out to Mayor deNobriga, Barbara and Christine, Eva, Tommy Conlon (who talked about me when he read his amazing poem about the "right" side of the lake) and the many Pine Lakers who have wished me well over the past month.

My belongings are now all packed. My departure is linked to the closing date for the sale of my house, which should be announced shortly. I will miss my house, the lake, the city, and most of all, the wonderful people. I'm about to cry.

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