Saturday, February 14, 2015

About This Blog

Pine Lake, October, 1965. Photo by Claude Suttle

Since I no longer live in Pine Lake it makes little sense to continue this blog. I will, unless something unexpected which impels me to speak up, no longer be posting here. I will, however, leave the blog up and will be happy to publish any articles or photos people wish to send me.

I love Pine Lake and its people and always will. 

I invite readers to visit my new blog, NO GRITS FOR YOU, which will be about, you guessed it, being a transplant from the South in New Jersey. You won't find much there for a while, but I promise things will soon be zippy. 


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about your NJ experiences! Stay Well, Paul on Dahlia!

Shelby said...

Thanks so much for keeping this blog Dallas! It's been great as a (relatively) new resident to read about Pine Lake. I appreciate all your work.

Anonymous said...

Yes thanks so much for leaving up your blog and the yahoo group. Both hold a lot of history that I have enjoyed reading over time. Good luck and best wishes! Paula on Ridge.